Where do Lovewell students go when they have aged out of our workshops?  Can the Lovewell Method be applied to a professional collaboration, thus resulting in a professional piece of theatre?  Can Lovewell be an educational arts methodology for young students as well as artists who wish to hone their craft and make a significant contribution to the theatre world?

We asked ourselves all of these questions and immediately knew the answer was YES!

So, in 2001, the Lovewell Theatre Project (LTP) was born.  Founded by Lovewell alumni and staff, the very first professional collaboration took place in Chicago, Illinois in early 2002 through the generosity of John Sparks and the Theatre Building Chicago.  Eleven artists (Misty Bell, Carrie Gilchrist, Scott Haden, Katy Hawley, Jamie Johnson, Ryan McCall, Holly McLean, Chris MillerDavid Spangler and Nathan Tysen) lived and worked together for two weeks and the result was The Book of Phil. There was a short series of readings at the Theatre Building and then rewriting sessions in New York. During the rewriting sessions, The Epiphany Theatre Company opted to secure the rights to the show for one year. We knew we were on our way.

In 2008, Lovewell board members Rick Gore and Peter Yockel offered up their small farm (New Zoar) in the beautiful countryside of Ohio as a place for creative retreat for the LTP.  Once again, we assembled a group of dedicated, well rounded artists (Nils-Petter Ankarblom, Marcus Davis, Carrie Gilchrist, Rick Gore, Christoffer Nobin, Mats Petersson, David Spangler,  Marjorie Spangler and Peter Yockel) and wrote the haunting family drama, The Gloaming. This show went on to have readings in Ohio and Fort Lauderdale and we are in hopes of having a full production in the coming years.

Our latest piece, Let There Be Balloons, was created at New Zoar in 2009.  It has had readings in Dayton, Ohio; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Malmö, Sweden and had its first full production in December of 2011 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida thanks to the support of Funding Arts Broward and the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale.

Eventually, it is our intention to have a house for this company in which artists of all types would be welcome to come and collaborate on new, innovative pieces of theatre. For together, we believe we can create something so much larger than any one of us alone.


Questions about the LTP?  Contact LTP Co-Founder, Carrie Gilchrist at