The Merriwether Big Time

Fort Lauderdale, Florida Teen Session Two (2014)



In Chicago in the early 20th century, a small group of vaudeville performers take to the The Merriwether Big Time Posterstage each night to make the audience laugh, cry, and gasp in both shock and awe. However, with the rise of Hollywood motion pictures, audiences are suddenly thrust into a brand new world of entertainment possibilities, and nothing has been hit harder than the vaudeville circuit. Will these changing times be the end of the line for this group of performers, or will they be able to grasp the threads of the future? No matter the outcome you’re sure to get your money’s worth at The Merriwether Big Time!

Written by the students and staff of Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts July 2014 Teen Session Two: Fort Lauderdale, FL


Sydney Belabin, Dakota Brodeur, Jenna Brookmyer, Mariajose Cannata, Sergio Cannata, Brett Chen, Garrett Colon, Gabrielle Diaz, Daley Drucker, Stephany Goulart, Samantha Hodes, Samuel Janvier, Amy Lautenschlager, Sophia Lopez, Eliana Meyerowitz, Samantha Morim, Adele Oliver, Dylan “DinoDyl” Olster, Melinda Page, Jack Rollinson, Becky Saka, Erika Schell, Jennifer Schell, Kaytie Scott, Quinn Swearingen


Director/Script Editor- Tyler Grimes, Co-Music Directors- Michael Finke & Jason Pomerantz, Choreographer- Meagan Nagy, Media/Design- Alana Miller, Technical Director- John Henningsen, Intern in Directing- Ryan Juda, Intern in Music- Phillip Bracken, Intern in Tech- Hadley Knapp, Co-Administrators- Shelly Bernstein & Lauri Oliver, Assistant Administrator- Michael Oliver, Producing Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist

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