The Mystery of the Silver Centennial

The Mystery of the Silver Centennial: A Musical That Will Make You Clutch Your Pearls

Lovewell Junior Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
July 9th-28th, 2018


The year is 1876. The Silver Centennial, the world’s first transcontinental train is hurtling across the United States with one destination in sight: The World’s Fair in Philadelphia! When a rag-tag group of criminals escaping a failed heist climb aboard, the passengers end up on a wilder ride than they could have ever imagined!



Written by the students and staff of the July 2018 Junior Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Lovewell workshop.



Arianna Abril, Lotus Anderson, Serena Aslou, Saige Becker, Sloan Becker, Nathaniel Brent, Grace Botsford, Beatrice Cardoso, Alessandra Dambrosio, Mia del Toro-Ivey, Asia Delva, Ariel Feldbaum, Jaden Friedman, Morgan Gold, Jane Goldsmith, Talia Mandel, Jaden Mantis, Sarah Moon, Maia Munera, Maddie Musso, Farah O’Halloran, Rory Ostrower, Simon Ostrower, Alexander Pidal, Sophie Pineiro, Daniela Sofia Pulido Klug, Lily Rubenstein, Ava Scott, Gabriella Scott, Dani Sinai, Daniel Smith, Jordyn Spute, Cassidy Stumer, Lindsay Stumer, Madelyn Streisfeld, Mackenzie Tammara, Isabella Vahnish, Benjamin Vela



Director: Ambar Torres; Assistant Director: Sami Hodes; Co-Music Directors: Laura Galindo, Sydney Shiekman; Choreographer: Sophie Septoff; Script Editor: Eric Flemons; Technical Director: Joe Rawda; Assistant Technical Directors: Andrew Singer, Samuel Robles; Costumes and Props: Ben Solmor; Assistant Costumes and Props: Kaitlin Feinberg; Social and Multi-Media: Brian Brant; Graphic Design: Andrew Singer; Interns: Gianna Milici and Laurel Thompson; Co-Administrators: Shelly Bernstein and Lauri Oliver; Lovewell FLL Chapter Manager: Tyler Grimes; Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist


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The Mystery of Silver Centennial


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