The Rebellion

THE REBELLION: A Musical for Agents of Change
Pompano Beach School Project Fall 2012
In partnership with the Broward Office of Diversity, Cultural Outreach and Prevention



What if each and every one of us took it upon ourselves to change the world for good? Well, a group of high school students decide to find out when they form a club that does just that. The Rebellion takes on global issues until they are confronted by a local beauty pageant challenges their viewpoints on their home turf. Is there more power in changing far away places or right here where you live? What happens when good people do something? A rebellion.


Download songs from The Rebellion HERE.


Written by the students and staff of the fall of 2012 Pompano Beach High School Lovewell Project:


Sonia Alam, Titus Bang, Jade Crosby, Wana Deronvil, Shakira Dukes, Amir Higgs, Kayla Lebron, Marisa Masters, Jackson Minett, Alex Rodriguez, Emmanuel Roopnarine, Jennifer Russo, Destinee Santiago, Kayla Smith, Allison Wilson, Gabriella Wilson


Director and Script Editor: Carrie Gilchrist, Music Director and Music Producer: Nils-Petter Ankarblom, Choreographer: Marcus Davis, Pompano High School: Julia Perlowski, Vaughn Henderson, Additional Creative Staff: Jana Tift, The Broward Office of Diversity, Cultural Outreach and Prevention: Teri Williams



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