The Six

THE SIX2016 The Six (Cristo Rey: Short North Stage) Poster
Columbus, Ohio (2016)
In partnership with Cristo Rey and Short North Stage



When the government threatens to shut down Fairway High School, a group of six very
different students (The Six) are brought together in an attempt to keep the school alive. Faced with personal struggles, liars, and cheaters the students learn the value of teamwork and dedication. It’s up to the The Six to confront the changes and live their legacy.


Written by the students and staff of the spring of 2016 Lovewell workshop in partnership with Cristo Rey and Short North Stage.



Nuyia Banales, Jeremy Banahene, Kiarra Clifford, Maverick Corchinski, Qadirah Earthman,  Alex Green, Amari Gwinn, Kharmaine Jamar, Ethan Levels, Raul Meza, Marlena Mitchell



Director/Script Editor- Stephanie Prince; Music Director- Ryan McCall; Assistant Director- Ricky Locci; Assistant Director/Choreographer- Noah Rogers; Producers- Rick Gore and Peter Yockel; Producing Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist


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