To The End

TO THE END: An Infinite Musical
Oskarshamn, Sweden Teen (2015)


The ultimate social injustice: Immortality. The ruling order of the future has developed a medicinal solution to mortality- Infinitus. Each year, each 18 year-old of the ruling class is initiated into the Immortal Order. Meanwhile, the underclass not only sustains the ruling classes’ way of life but unknowingly helps mine and produce Infinitus. That is, until one over-class teen questions the norm and sneaks beyond the wall to the underclass before her 18th birthday.

Written by the students and staff of Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts July 2015 Lovewell Sweden Teen workshop Oskarshamn, Sweden

Carlo De Rosa, Liv Granath, Hilda Isaksson, Rasmus Jansell, Anna Klang, Selma Klasson, Andrea Lundkvist, Malin Magnusson, Karin Malmgren, Cornelia Malmros, Moa Melkersson, Tove Nyquist, Ylva Olsson, Märta Perk, Hilma Persson, Alex Pryor, Anna Rosén, Emelie Schultz, Kaytie Scott, Tilde Strömberg Rye, Linnéa Sirborn, Lucas Strid, Alrik Strömblad, Laurel Thompson, Ellinor Thystrup Svantesson, Alma Svensson, Emma Tigerström, Isa Wilund

Director and Producing Artistic Director- Carrie Gilchrist; Assistant Director- Ambar Torres; Intern in Directing- Ryan Juda; Co-Music Director- Nils-Petter Ankarblom; Co-Music Director- Mats Petersson; Interns in Music- Abigail Cline, Viola Larsson; Script Editor- Marjorie Spangler; Choreographer- Marcus Davis; Viktor Nilsson- Vocal Coach; Media and Design, Dorm Supervisor- Cecilia Träff; Intern in Media and Design- Helena Sund; Technical Director- Jen Laudia; Assistant Technical Director- Cassie Spangler; Administrator- Birgitta Petersson; Sound: Tomas Andersson; Technical Crew: Lasse Petersson

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