UNCHARTED: A Musical Beyond the Horizon
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Junior Session Two (2013)



A ragtag group of Key West kids set out for an adventure of a lifetime after discovering a strange map depicting the hidden island of Triaqua . Braving waters still uncharted, they soon find themselves in a tropical paradise inhabited by a mysterious tribe. A threatening volcano, a protective chief and a powerful priestess are just some of the dangers that the adventurers encounter when they leave their fears behind to journey beyond the horizon.


Written by the students and staff of the 2013 Lovewell Junior Session Two workshop Fort Lauderdale, FL.



Sophie Amador, Lily Avrunin, Alex Bluth, Griffin Cerra, David Churba, Shira Cohn, Izzi Fraser, Riley Frost, Lilly Gitlitz, Katie Hodes, Samantha Morim, Julia Musso, Dylan Olster, Manny Rawlins, Skylar Scorca, Kimberly Sessions


Director- Ambar Torres; Music Director- Andy Gilbert; Script Editor- Isadora Spangler; Choreographer- Kimmi Johnson; Intern in Music- Spencer Robelen; Media and Design- Alana Miller and Tobi Nagy; Technical Director- Elizabeth Garrard; Administrator- Shelly Bernstein; Assistant Administrator- Lauri Oliver; Carrie Gilchrist- Artistic Director/Program Coordinator


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