UNFOLLOW: A Musical Revolution

Pembroke Pines, Florida (2017)

In Partnership with Somerset Academy Arts Conservatory.



Unfollow: A Musical Revolution tells the story of an english class confronting the horrors of modern America. It’s Monday morning, and over the weekend a group called The New Confederates carried out a series of highly coordinated acts of vandalism targeted immigrant neighborhoods and shops in the town of Springfield. Dealing with issues of race, immigration, inequality, and abuses of power, Unfollow couldn’t possibly be any more timely.



Nina Alonso, Solange Andreu, Gabriella “Bella” Bodarky, Anisa Buckridge, Valentina Calderin, Daniel Calderon, Jada Carty, Stephanie Chauvin, Nathalie Collado, Laura Conde, Antonio Cue, Josenis Gomez, Miguel Gonzalez, Irene Hanabergh, Gregory Holt, Alejandra Mora, Valeria Moran, Kenneth “Kenny” Ninomiya, Susanna Ninomiya, Jaxzia Perez, Jose “Nacho” Perez, Izabella Rey, Aracely Reyes-Rodriguez, Emily Rodriguez, Leslie Rodriguez, Mariana Sierra, Nadia Starks, Julian Suarez, Fadekemi Tella, Shelby Tudor, Alondra Villa, Victoria Vitale, Lucienne “Lucie” Zetrenne.



Program Director and Script Editor: Tyler Grimes; Staging Director and Classroom Teacher: JJ Tiemeyer; Music Director: Jacob Jeffries; Intern: Nathan Vogel; Producing Artistic Director: Carrie Gilchrist


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