Damen Von Fraudendorf

Damen Von Fraudendorf: A Definitely 100% All-Female Musical
Lovewell Goodland, Kansas (in partnership with the Dane G. Hansen Foundation)
June 17th-June 21st, 2019



Sometime during the middle ages, the quaint, European, all-female town of Fraudendorf has become stricken with a particularly calamitous bout of the black plague! When the famed Duke of Whales announces his intention to visit the struggling town, the queen commissions her last remaining theater troupe to write and perform the most incredible play in the history of the Queendom. Can the troupe pull out all the stops and create a show fit for a Queen? Find out! In, Damen Von Fraudendorf, A Definitely 100% All-Female Musical!




Written by the students and staff of the June 2019 Goodland, Kansas Lovewell workshop.


Madison Albers, Malynn Bonner, Janaeha Dinkel, Jazlyn Fenner, Jazzman Jones, Annika Linin, Hayley Mordecai, Isabel Ordoñez, Bobby Rhodes


Director/Script Editor- Amber Allgyer; Music Director/Choreographer- Eric Flemons; Intern/Media/Administration- Katie Messerla; Intern- Anna Hahn; Graphic Design (Off Site)- Jamie Cohen; Goodland Administrator On Site- Emily Stefan; Producing Artistic Director (Off Site): Carrie Gilchrist


Watch the Live Stream of this show courtesy of the Lovewell Facebook Page:

Damen Von Fraudendorf Live Stream