Testimonials from Directors who have licensed Lovewell shows

“Producing a Lovewell show with my students was a wonderful journey! The students were able to relate to the themes and dialogue of the script on a very personal level since it was written by other students with a shared vernacular! The abundance of roles, and the rich character development allowed many students to shine and share their talents in an ensemble atmosphere. Lovewell shows do not usually have a “star vehicle” role, so every student feels important in the development of the storyline. I encourage other teachers to take a look at the catalogue and find a show that will resonate with their students.  You won’t be disappointed!”

Director of Theatre Arts
The Sagemont School, Weston, FL.

“Three years ago I invited Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts to come into my classroom and create a show with my advanced acting students.  The unbelievable Lovewell staff gained the students love and respect from the first day.  In three short weeks, my students had created an anti-bullying musical entitled The Weight of Words. This show has been touring Broward County for the past three years and we have performed to over 40,000 people. Give Lovewell a call and see what they can create in your classroom.”

Arts Teacher of the Year 2012 for her work on The Weight of Words
Nova High, Davie, Florida

”I work at a performing arts high school where we put on musicals every year. It’s sometimes difficult to find a show that fits teenagers voices, has enough substantial parts and most importantly has a story that gets the students excited and engaged in the process. When we chose a show created by Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts called Fallen we got all of that and more. Since the music is written for teenage voices it fit my students perfectly and the story got them on board from the first rehearsal. They were impressed with the fact that it had been created by people their own age and it inspired them to be more creative.”

Music Teacher
Scengymnasiet St. Erik, Stockholm, Sweden

“Having the opportunity to be a part of the US premiere of Layers of Leo was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever faced as a vocal director. Having the music available for us on SoundCloud was fantastic. The students had the demos and final tracks directly at their finger tips (aka on their phones), which meant they were practicing more frequently and picking the music up much faster than I have seen them previously do.

Aside from the day to day process, it was really neat being a part of something that was international and bigger than ourselves. For the kids, they were performing music and scenes written BY students, FOR students. It made our kids feel like they could dream a little bigger, and possibly write their own shows one day, or be a part of something as amazing as Lovewell.

The show was fantastically written and the score was one of the best I have ever worked with in my past ten years as a vocal director. It’s safe to say we all fell in love with the show very quickly. We also loved the range of styles that were presented within the music – we went from lovely, lofty melodies, to heavy metal rocking!

To anyone considering doing a Lovewell Institute show, do not hesitate! You will not regret one minute of the amazing process. Join the theatre revolution – do a Lovewell show!”

Dublin Scioto High School, Dublin, Ohio

“Producing Lovewell’s The Weight of Words was one of my most rewarding directing experiences. The impact of the piece was wide spread. The message was an important one for our students, faculty, and community. The biggest problem we faced was not having the time to produce the show for all the various community organizations that wanted the show.

We performed for our faculty at a teachers inservice, our students at an assembly, local middle and elementary schools, the local school board, and then were asked to revive the production almost six months later for a state wide equity and diversity conference. On a more personal level when students caught each other saying derogatory things around campus they were often heard repeating ’Do you know the weight of your words?’ This is an outstanding piece of educational theatre.”

Green Valley High School
Las Vegas, Nevada